congrats on your i do!

im going to start back. my biggest apologies for taking some time away.

anyway, for the past few month, some of my brother and sister had tied their knots, to the soul of their life.

lets start with Nadia & Yoi (18 Dec 2010). Despite my tight schedule, I took a vow to myself that I will attend their weddings. I don’t keep grudge to Nadia even though this is their second wedding. At least, this time its real. They both look cute, and short. Wakaka.

The next day, it’s Maini & Liyana (19 Dec 2010). The one that I most anticipated, and must attend. For 5 years, we had been roommate, and to see that now he had ditch me to have a new roommate, it hurts like hell (hahaha  did I sound soo attached!). Takde la, I am happy for both of you dear. You had gone through a lot in your relationship, and being together is the biggest prize of all. Liyana, do take a good care of him, and so do you Jot!

Its been a while since we last gathered. This time, we completed the corum again. No one had really changed. But status wise, hurmm.. XD

Then on , its Uyun & Epul. Uyun is a dear friend of mine and Fareez, whom I got to know well because of her since I still in Bangi. She is a frequent visitor to Jade, and once you could enter Jade uninvited, means attending your wedding is my responsibility already.

This one, Ben & Fida. is the most happening one. Again, wedding reception was always a gathering. I couldn’t really remember when we last sit around, talk and laugh together. But this time we did it again. Drive all the way from KL to Ulu Tiram in a car, laugh, sentap, and cry all the way. Since Ben had tied himself, so one down. Whose next?

Anyway, weddings is an event full of joy, happiness and bless. Congratulation to all who had took a big step in your life. I always pray for your happiness and rahmat until the end of your life. For me, dont ask! I still dont know when. Life ahead if still foggy and uncertain 😀


2 responses to this post.

  1. damn..long time x keluar posting baru..come on..wanna read more…


  2. Posted by Fareez Yusoff on February 27, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    i was there during Maini’s….kejam tak letak gambar..

    jamn it.if u have time to write offshore…i wonder what more can you do…

    hw bout booking! 😛


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