You can call this; the supposed next update ye pikya

yes. i didn’t put anything after last post. not because dhaka international airport doesn’t have internet connection, but its too chaotic to update anything during ongoing transit here. the airport is relatively smaller in scale and passenger number compare to jb, but that’s it. no 1 airport in bangladesh. there’s a lot of mind memory snaps i got in dhaka, and one of them are people here ask for tips everywhere.

i’m on my way back home from  the most memorable trip i ever had. will write about medinah and mecca later. but to summarize, our people is the most cultured and polite of all. talk about driving, queing, eating and talking, we do it nicely all time. this morning at jeddah hajj terminal, iranian fight-fisting over each other because they didn’t know how to que in lines. the flock over an immigration counter and, cut ques and yelling at else. it is not bad-mouth if i call them barbarian, but where else you can see one being punch in the face by their own kind in another countries. it quite a tense moment. luckily our group manage to escape through the immigration line and being protected by the armies.

this trip indeed full of sweet and sour, peace and havoc, but to be honest i never feel this bless and syukur towards Him in this life. it has taught me well, and make me feel small in this world. no word can describe it better. till later.

from dhaka


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