selamat hari raya!

anyway, i’st not that bad celebrating raya here. we had each other. we do celebrate in our own simple way. feeling like oversea gitteww. we do have ketupat, kuah kacang, rendang, lemang, lontong, nasik beriyani, cakes, muffins and cookies.

bersiap at hotel alone, camwhoring dpn cermin, solat eid, call ayah, call mama then berderak few friend’s houses. im quite ok here. we make fun of each other, taking advantages of those here and celebrating ourself in the office. we left our families to fulfill duties to the country here. we are proud of what we did despite the losing precious moment with families and friends at home. this raya will definitely be a memory, record and achievement for all my colleagues here, especially myself.

but afterall, we are still loser. haha


One response to this post.

  1. slamat hari raya dude.
    at least u get to celebrate it, i have to go to class and sit in front of the workbench the whole day during eid.

    p/s : duit raya mana?


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