am i rude?

again. ayat sama. it’s been a while since i last write here. a month actually.

life is never been worse. not better. hectic and tiring. and this holy months seem give no meaning to me. maybe i’m lost, lifeless and souless.

anyway, a lot of people said, i’m becoming rude now, even ruder as days passes. am i? but i can sense that. i often hurt others feeling now and care less about people i love. i treasure them less now. who to blame? who else rather than myself. and i blame my present life-being.

dealing with peoples, problems and internal-emotions supposed make me more mature. it should make me a better person. but it happen the other way. i tend to be more fragile and just burst with anger when thing happen. i throw out what i feel, without thinking of what other may feel.

oh my. i”ll try to change. sincerest appology to those who had to endure the bad words and stupid acts of mine. i’m sorry.

selamat berpuasa. selamat hari raya.

oh. i will celebrate my raya here in fabrication yard. care to join? we have steel lemang, concrete curries, and welding sparks for fireworks.


One response to this post.

  1. well apam, biasa lah tu kalau dlm stress. kita tak aware pn apa kita buat. kat kita semua normal tp bila things dh cooling down baru kita aware kita ada buat salah. at one sight mmg tak nampak. tu la pendapat aku kot. anyhow, just cop-up and adopt to it. flow it smoothly. peace.


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