malang nasib tanah airku tergadai lagi

oh! i just return from singapore for a 3 days holiday. yeah it was really fun and aspiring to see how far that small island developed more than us. honestly,we are far-far left behind. the infrastructure, public transport, and the mentality of the people itself.

being in singapore for few days gave me an opportunity for me to see malaysia from a different view. people outside malaysia have their own interpretation of malaysia. they condemn our PM, and write about how ignorance malaysian people who burn down churches because of the God’s name usage. its all being well narrated in the newspapers, and from singapore’s “The New Straight Times” on 11 Jan, i knew that our beloved land in wilayah pembangunan iskandar in johor was sold to singaporean for forever.

its the fact actually. the headlines says, more than 40% of houses in wilayah pembangunan iskandar belong to singaporeans. they proudly say they can afford to buy such houses, and make it their weekends homes.  the houses was sold on freehold agreement, which means there is no way we can get back that piece of land. i was all disappointed when reading those articles. our people put their money from the tax impose on us to build good roads and schools, but the one who get the benefits is the foreigners who have more money than us.

where is the promise to develop and bring up johor people before? whatever happening today seems to benefits outsiders, whilst our own local people being left behind in their status quo.

i still remember my history teacher once told me the history of johor. sultan johor sold his land to Englishman in return to their support to win the civil war between him and his brother. he did that because of his benefits. and now it seems the history repeat itself. because of some people own benefit, our land  tergadai lagi.


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  1. Malaysia tergadai di sebabkan oleh kelemahan pemimpin politik yang hanya mementingkan keuntungan diri mereka sendiri.Dan majoriti ahli politik itu berbangsa MELAYU. Orang MELAYU yang gadai sendiri Tanah Melayu.Bangsa lain ambil kesempatan dari kelemahan dan kebodohan bangsa MELAYU sendiri.


  2. Posted by Yasmeen on February 11, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Melayu semakin susah..Actually, Malaysia the country running by Chinese.


  3. Malays must wake up or lost more to them…….

    Sebab Miecyber’s Blog lambat loading sebelum ini…


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