happy eidul adha messi

dear messi,

i am sorry i had to leave you warded in some strange clinic. i am sorry not not being able to take care of you, and treat your buasir, and i had to let the doctor do anything to you without me by side. honestly i don’t know how did you get that diarrhea since last week, until it become worse and needs deep medical attention. maybe the kakak at the clinic was right, you are stress when we call you buruk, and from now on, i promise to call you with your new cool name, messi.


do you know you are not alone there being warded. kak julie also didnt get to celebrate raya haji, same as you. she had suffer from some athlete illness, and i want you to pray with me for the fast recovery of kak julie, and she can celebrate raya haji as i did.

you may not know this messi, but all over malaysia, floods are around. pity those our friends who needs to take their SPM in water, and those babies who had suffer ‘taun’ from the unclean water, and those newly married bride and bridegroom that celebrate their solemnization under rains. i do pray the floods will go away fast, and all people can celebrate raya haji happily like before.


i am going back this morning. i am driving back to our beloved hometown, where you and i were born. but again, i cant bring you home since you are not in the condition i can bring you home. the trip will be long if i started my journey after noon, so i better get ready and pack fast, then i can drop by the office before taking the highway to the east coast.

so i want to wish all of my friend our there, selamat hari raya aidil adha, maaf zahir batin.

to you too messi, and adik.


p/s: below is messi’s pics taken 2 weeks back. the white legs belong to adik.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by fareezyusoff on November 26, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    hahha….fuck la yin..

    your sweetness is back!haha.did touch my softspot..abeda~~btw, taik adik da sihat.


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