the weekends carol: meow2

a bit of my whereabouts and doings: for the past few days, i went to lumut to attend a fabrication review to one of the company’s project. it had been a wonderful time where i learned a lot of things, technical and human interactions. going there with my boss also is a new experience. its not that hard to please your boss, and get to know them personally, since there are human too. the perception that boss is scary and strict and bossy is a negative perception that may hinder you from doing well in your job.

at the end of the trip, i stopped by at beloved uni and met few old friends. thanks plato, otai and most special ones, m****m (the identity cannot be disclosed for safety reason haha) for hospitalizing me there. driving back to kl in total downpour was something too. ya lah, raining season kan. rain everywhere, so please drive carefully (haha takde kaitan).

the saturday night was closed up with a carol at e-curve. what a nice movie. the christmas carol. i definitely going to watch it again, this time with a pair of 3D glasses. my expectation of the movie was high, and yet it meets. spending time with her was superb too. long chat, catching up each others life stories and awesome dinner really make my night. soo sorry to him, i cant make it to his house since the movie ends at 2.30 and its not really nice to crash into someone’s gate in the middle of the night.


and my cold sunday morning (supposedly should sleep until lunch time) was greeted by the meows of my deary cats. pity them. they had been sick for the past 2 weeks, and i think i had dine my best to make them return healthy. i found a lot of vomits in their cages, and their leftovers which is supposed to be hard and black, are gravy and green. i dont know what can i do next. fareez’s theory: they are stress because being caged too long, so i’ll try to free them for few days and lets see if there is changes.

i am seeking your helps dear readers, how to get back my healthy, active kitties. i suspected that the vets that diagnosed them gave wrong meds, or maybe the cat food we gave them is expired.

advise please.

p/s: i’ll post their pics later.


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