tsk tsk

im sorry. this post should be a happy one. because i just got connection at home. but it turned into a sad one. very,very sad one. a very close family/friend of mine died last night. road accident, maybe. last breath in front of my eye. with all blood and stains covering. i slept in tears. where are all my friends go when i need them. 3hrs sleep doesnt sufficient for my long today.

happy ramadhan


05082009148teh..few days before


you may think i am a lmao, or girlish, or hati bunga, but the fuck with it. i love my cat. i do love teh as a family and friends. and those who is close to me, may know how much i suffer when loosing her for 3 weeks. menggagau cm org gila aku cari dia. then 2 months after she returned to me, she return back to Him.


-kalo aku jumpe sape yang lggr teh, aku lenyek ko cmne ko lenyek die. sialan-


4 responses to this post.

  1. alfatihah utk beliau.


  2. Posted by BadRina on November 11, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    how cud u post picture dia?? berderau darah tgk. bloody bloke sapa yg lggr dia.


  3. Kejam saper yang langgar Teh tu…


  4. Aduh, muka kucing kau mcm kucing aku dol, klu ko dpt kau lenyek-lenyek je, kesian lak aku kucing ko ni..


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