business and dakwah

my daily working hours were usually boring and doesnt really give good inputs. not so many things i learn and not much thing i did. maybe its the nature of juniors, being asked to go here and there, read this and these, and stuck within the cubical whereas other senior collegues attend meeting and went site-visiting. however, each day here do gives me a lot of thing aside from things in my work. such as today. i am attending a zohor lecture from a professor i-dont-know-who, a pakistani whos residing in uk for long time.

i came 20 minutes before 2, means 40 minutes after the lecture started. the penceramah was specially invited for the ceramah with title ‘evidence in  alquran and mukjizat rasulullah’. i dont really get what are the topics he (the professor) talked about in the earlier part of his lecture, but he appointed a lot of scientific things stated in the quran with the current findings today. plus he relate all of the facts with nature of business, economics and others. such a cool man.

then he talked about how great was our prophets. an illiterate man, with no education, can somehow intergrate 2 different tribes which in conflicts  for hundreds of years. he did that without a proper procedures or techniques, instead he only used hikmah and showing good examples. he does not use any form of forces, or even threat them with words of warns, yet still can spread the words of Allah to the whole world. our history tell us, the first person (the traders from yamen) that bring Islam  to our land does not force us to accept Islam, but can you see our country today, Islam is fluorishing beautifully. the only thing the traders did is showing their good examples, behaviors, and lifestyle and be truthfull in everything they did.

what are the other common things between prophet and the traders apart from desseminating Islam? they are doing business. as we are all know, out prophet is a businessman himself. and many of his friends and families are businessman too. they spread islam while having business connection with the other party. so do the traders to tanah melayu that time.

that is the main point the professor wanted to tell to the jemaah this afternoon. everyone that works is doing businesses, either for themself or to the company. by showing good example and being a good model in business deals, we can spread islam to the whole world. that is the main channel where we can play our role as a working muslim. we dont have to go into their country, force them to accept islam and tell them about the flaws in their relegions. we just need to do normal business with them, and show them all good things in islamic teachings, then we can capture their hearts to receive islam. and being in a world-class organization, doing trade with a lot of countries from many part of the world, definitely this will become more achievable.

the professor also said, in uk the highest growing religion is islam. islam is spreading very fast there. that is the fact we didnt know. we had been under christian for 300 hundreds years under the colonial period, but we only need 100 years afer that to be a well established islamic country and being recognized by the whole world. with the current rate of islamis grow in uk today, and all the efforts we put as a muslim, who knows in 100 years from now, we can conquer the world’s economy and uk can become a muslim country. it is possible right?


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  1. very inspiring post, lambat aku bace


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