new way of jimat-ing your insurance

thank you Dear God, I got my pc yesterday, and my login id today, and now i can browse from office. like always, nothing much to do except reading notes and material related, thus i have a lot of time surfing on the net. and i found:

rebate on insurance renewal

yeah. there you go. every year, my family pay more than rm 5000 for insurance coverage including cars, properties, health and works. 10% of rebate if you renew you insurance online or directly to the insurance company without using agents services will mkae a alot of different. if rm5k, i can save up to rm500. i will tell my mum that i will renew all her insurance and only ask rm200, yet she can still jimat rm300. she will surely like it. haha. eh oi ah all friends, do learn about it k. we can save money and time, just a little effort with the computer is needed. take note yah.

p/s: aku makin obsess tentang cara menjimatkan duit dan berbelanja secara bijak. baru tahu susah payah cari duit sendiri. sayang pulak nk belanja sesuka hati. hehe~


2 responses to this post.

  1. hmm..interesting.. nnti come to my workplace n explain to me further eh


  2. I find this post really insightfull and informative,this is sort content that always im prefer to read out .Im going to bookmark your pages so i could make it rference next time .


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