sadis sungguh. nearly 3 weeks being disconnect from www. sadis yang amat. pipe (read: induction program for new staff) really stole me from social network. full day activities from morning till midnite sometimes make me unaware of what happen in the world, and to worsen it, i seems to forget about other things too.  konon sibuk sgt pipe tu <– ada member cakap cmni. yeah what to say, its tiring and lame, but its fun. seriously~ 

soon after the pipe ends, the very next day, i am obligated to report duty to petronas carigali klcc. no rest at all, even after 3 weeks of training and mind setting. they are so kejam, but to the benefits for all, the first day started straight for a reason. and the reason is, to be able for us to get our gaji that month along with other staff. hoyeehhh…second day of kerja oredi got gaji. how good is that. hahahaha~

driving+lrt+lrt everyday from bangi to klcc was a challenge for me. wake up at 6am, by 640 must gerak from home, else will be standing all the way in the train and lewat for punch-in. but i am happy with what i am doing now. its just for the first few weeks, i know my working hours will be damn boring and ngantukzzz. no pc, no email, no internet conection, no task, nothing to do. betul2 duduk saja baca manual and borak2 with some interns. nice job yin, makan gaji buta. what can i do. even my boss pun duduk chatting je all day. haha. hopefully my life will get better soon~

so thats is. i have not really a thing to tell pun. its just some updates on the blog so that my so called frequent visitor will stay updated on me and not loosing their interest browsing this lame blog. write more later. cheers~


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  1. Posted by anonymous on May 29, 2009 at 7:24 am

    u’re last..keep on blogging yah!..


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