back to work

just finished my first day at PIPE, Permata, Bangi.

eh, ouh, lupa plak nk btau..i’ve got the placement at Petronas Carigali, KLCC. today is the starting day for PIPE until the next 16 days. then on the 21st, i’ll be reporting duty at Level 26, Tower 1 KLCC. so do informed eh kawan2..sorry lmbt btau..hehe..dh lame tak updet blog..

btw, life is being more smiling these days. after returning back from 2 weeks in jerantut last friday, i’d spent a lot of time with “cung” and “gek”. merata-rata alam kami jalan2. makan macam2 tak hengat dunia. beli macam2 gak. then blending in with futsal sabtu aritu. seronok gle dapat hangput and jumpe kengkawan. masing2 dh kerja. syukurla. rezeki masing2. lepas ni, semua dh kerja, sure sibuk, tapi im still hoping everyone can make their time to hang around and lepaking lagi.

to kawan2 yanng dh lame tak jumpe, yang sudah lost contact, yang aku asek rindu2 kat korang, jom la lepak2 and jumpa semula. nanti la tulis lagi. nak g potong rambut. dh cm volverine ni. lgpun mlm kang nak lepak n chil2 ngn “cung” sebab esok subuh2 nk anta die g london plak.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by misterio on May 4, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    congrates on that..klcc huh..nice place to work..


  2. congratsss~!


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