i hate you two dic*head

yesternight was lovely. both them make me flattered like hell. innocent me, whose cant smell the plan, stupidly followed them here and there. and pity me, i still didnt get it when he went away to buy his thing. bodo betul kamu berdua. i merely thought it’s just a dinner and simple hangout but it turned up to be a well-prepared con. shit you. i am a little bit angry but cant let it out since it was *cross finger* ly sweet. hey you two, here’s the warning. once again you make that, you’ll regret. i tell you i love surprise but not that much okay..arse licker!!!

melur was gorgeous, mahesh was awesome, hafiz was superb, kahoe was cold (not cool), bhavani, melur’s sisters, and others….huh what can i say, i loooove them huuu~ that two and half hours was titally talentime. issues brought? heavy but relax. every plot have meanings and sarcasm dots behind it. 

hey you out there. better watch it. i think im going to the third round later. two isnt enough. kaya lah gsc kalo ramai org cm aku. you guys go watch it fast, but please dont make pranks like those two moron did. i hate+like it. durrghh~


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by fareez on March 31, 2009 at 1:47 pm


    i wonder who are those dickhead. 😛

    love-hate relationship is kinda weird la dude.

    btw..i love that movie.the ending make me wanna know more about what will happen <–sign of not getting enough of it

    some may say its slow and all, but hey, u cant push an art and masterpiece.u have to feel it kan?


    hidup ini seperti pelir kiri lelaki kulit hitam.tidak FAIR dan tidak KANAN!


  2. Posted by otai on March 31, 2009 at 7:37 pm


    mner nk carik yg FAIR dan KANAN??



  3. yeh…apsal mesti nk melayukan..dikhed!

    apam,eh,yin,apa jadi nie…cam tension jer aku tgk..cool la eh..std la tu kwn2 prank…1st april nie..xder prank menarik ke??

    *wink wink*


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