fell in love? with who?

i think i had post such a speculatous entry haha. lots of people and friends were guessing. and only few were right. let me reveal the secret love of mine la. but before that, let me tell you guys  abit about my newly love one, and keep on reading until the end of the entry okay. you’ll find her beyond expectation and guess.

she live in a very decent, warm and simple place namely sg merab. every morning, she will hear clear and loud azan when she wake up since she’s been residing adjacent to a surau. the feeling of peace and warmth is always with her because of the rahmat bless to the surau. i love her soo much. spending time with her everyday will make me more human and rajin solat. during day time, she will always stay close to me when i was away working. she is just 10 mins away rom my workplace, but to that pun, i cant stand being away from her. she will wait for my return every evening. she shelters me during the night, keep me warm during the cold rain, and protect me from hot sun. added to that, she is being surrounded with all of the things i need in life. food (as in restaurant), clothes (as in laundry), groceries (mini market) and personal items ( as in 7e).  she provides me with everything i need and i am soo damn gratefull i have her.

guys, do you get who is my love now?

its my new house la 🙂 . thanks to poji and zul to let me in. and thank to my half-housemate fareez for introducing me to this wonderful house. its something, seriously something about this house that i easily fell in love with her. cheers!!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. eleh.newfound love tapi segan2 lak nk post gambo die.ceh.


  2. Posted by fareez on March 24, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    yin, aku rasa nama yin lagi cool dari apam.heh! 😛


  3. bunyi yin sangat gay untuk seorang apam!


  4. haha lovely.


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