doctor tak jadi

cerita ni kinda basi, tapi tak kesah. still want to post something about em. sebab i think i am cool to have it. engineer in an opration room. hohoh. sape cakap engineer takleh scrub in operation and take part. not actually taking part but contribute something to the operation. ya lah, project aku berkaitan ngn medical-engineering design. and sedikit sebanyak menghepikan diri aku sebab cita-cita asal aku nk jadi doktor orang, tapi last2 jadi doktor mesin. takpelah. pengalaman rabu lepas sangat berharga buat aku.

stepping into the OT with full sterilized dress, trailing behind the orthopedic specialist (dr hamdan) was an experience for me. the patient was prepared earlier by the operation asistant, hypnotized by the anesthesiologist using drugs, and covered with green medical clothes. the specialist immediately start the operation after he went in. i stood next to him to observe the procedure. honestly, i am expecting pool of bloods, chunks of bones flying here and there, but it turn up to be clean and organized. i am prepared to see the worst, but seriously, during the operation, the feeling of pity and guilty cutting and slicing the patients legs is not there. i just feel like they are cutting a  leg of a cow. sebabnya, all of the patient body was covered, and its just the knee was exposed out. so xde la rase sgt tu kaki orang.  and the team remove the tempurung lutut, hammering nails, cut the tulang lutut joins, and drill new implants to the patient. mula2 memang scary, tapi lama2 seronok plak. and the 2 and a half hour operation just finished like that.

dsc09805before the cutting begin. the drill the alignment probe on the femur and tibia. rase cm drill kayu je…

dsc09807tempurung lutut was removed to the side, and the femur is ready to be cut.

dsc09827the team of angkasawan didalam dewan bedah. aneh betul attire mereka. nasib baik aku tak kene pakai cenggitu.

dsc09837haa this is the thing la. the knee implant. the engineering team will desin the instrument for the implant, to improve the current one with an easier procedure for the surgeon to conduct the operation

cool kan kerja aku? huahaha..seronok weh. pengalaman. entah bila la dapat masuk lagi OT cmni. nak tggu sam, asyuk, bogus, arba, joe or gersang bawak masuk OT, entah bile lah..haha

p/s: kepada wanita2 mengandung dan orang mudah mabuk, sila jangan tengok image2 ini. walopon aku taj jadi nak jadi doktor, ade gak peluang masuk OT. syukurlah


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by dOtcOm on March 16, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    aaa geli..haha.. apam tgk ar kdo cain and abel.. sal doctor / hospital psl neurosurgeon kot..lagi best tgk org drill kepale..hahaha


  2. haha i smiled reading this.
    for i used to wanna be a doc too ! 🙂
    and YESS you are right. you have a (very) cool job !

    nmpak kaki patient tuh cm patung je dowh.. haha
    xsangke aku nk jadi doc dulu.. tgk neh pon dah ngeri 😛


  3. Posted by sassy on March 19, 2009 at 2:23 am

    cool gile !!!
    tapi agak ngeri disitu …. *erk!*


  4. a very interesting experience!! wish i could see one too~


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