third day at work

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Dear all reader,

I am sorry for being completely hibernating from this blog for few weeks. Life been extremetely hectic and I am taking nearly a month to settle down with life and all. Life was interesting (as i describe it) with busyness at home, frequent visit to KL for interviews and other errands, but somehow I dont find any mood to write or telling the world about my whereabouts and howabouts. Now I am settling down a bit. Slowly, bit by bit, counting steps into a new virtue of life. And last Thursday, I am entitled as a working man. Hoho.

I am in bangi FYI. Doing RA (read: Pembantu Penyelidikan) for some projects here. Contract basis, but I am free to resign if say I get the offer for placement from Pet. For now, I will only focussing on the design and development of jig instrument for knee replacement operation. And tomorrow,  I am going to witness a life knee operation in HUKM.  Sounds interesting aite? But deep in my heart, I pray I will not collapse in the OT. Huhu. Working here is quite good too, new friends, new environment, new life, new beginning.

I am going home in few minutes. As always, first day of the week syndrome. Will write more later. Keep on updating guys.

p/s: bole la nk melayan internet hari2..since dh dpt desktop pc sendiri, with superb wireless connection.


One response to this post.

  1. bagus2..keje cari pengalaman,,nnti bley update resume…

    all the best + gud luck~


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