amsterdam & brussels

sorry. it takes me that long before i post those picture. here’s amsterdam and brussels

100_1364canal is the signature of amsterdam. gambar canal depan hostel kami

100_1496me and ed in the boat during the canal tour

100_1560me and uncle rezki on a brigde over a canal

100_1441uncle rezki and aunt judith in their apartment. thank you guys for the hospitality. satay kambing yang sangat best


thier only son, arik. sangat comel and talkative


in front of european council building kat brussels


depan grand place. a famous landmark in brussels.


brussles central station


depan manakin piss. patung kencing yg jadi tumpuan pelancong kat brussels. aku pun tak tahu knape aku amek gmbr ni. kantoi aku pun kene kencing.


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