flying back to the equator

after nearly 23 days of cold and spending days of sub-zero, i am returning home tomorrow. somehow, eventhough i felt like staying because i love the lifestyle here, but i miss the hot and sweat and nasi berkuah lemak di tanah air tercinta. never felt like this before. i always wanted to escape from malaysia before. but this experience make me realize that home is always the best. hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, baik lagi negeri sendiri. that pribahasa is definitely true. i couldnt agree more. honestly, this trip teach me about life, survivor and how to confront problems and challenges.

hey mom, i will come back home new. hey dad, im gratefull i will be with you again. wait for me. anakmu pulang penuh pengalaman didada!!

flight details

heathrow (1030) to kuwait (1935)

transit in kuwait

kuwait (2345) to kuala lumpur (1230 8jan09)

malaysia pasti lebih panas. dekat dengan equator bukan?

sila ambil saya!!!!


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