experience in amsterdam

it was 4 days after new year.  a lot of things happened during these few days and all of them are new to me. most of them were  lifetime experience i would say. the last time i wrote something here was in amsterdam. after that, i had gone through soo many things and it makes me matured and wise in making decisions for myself. before this, i always think that i am very precise in planning things. but after all those experiences and challenges i faced during london-paris-amsterdam-brussels, i knew that there are thounsands of things i need to learn.

so…amsterdam, how far you can hold yourself there?

i was in amsterdam since 29 dec. people call amsterdam a city of leisure and pleasure. why? google it yourself for more. honestly, i went to amsterdam to visit my mom’s friend. my arrival in amsterdam was greeted by some stories and evil’s whisper about what i can get here. just say it. the mother of all bad deeds was here. let me share it here…

erm lets starts with alcohol.people come from all over europe to amsterdam for cheap alcohol. you may find a very nice and fine wine in amst at a very low price compare to other places.it is very easy to get wine and vodka all over amst. bars and pubs are everywhere. no one will stop you from drinking here. it is legal to drink anywhere in the city center. and it is common to see people drunk and teasing each other in the middle of the road in amsterdam.

gambling and casino is a culture too. you may find a toy shop just above a casino, and maybe a restaurant sharing same door to a gambling arena. slot machine in a coffee shop is no strange here. drugs too. weeds and hashish (i dont know how to spell it) are legal too. you can easily get it anywhere. you can take it by smoking, and if you did not, the other option you have is by munching a muffin they call space cake. its a muffin mixed with weeds and gives the same effect like smoking.

red light district? hard to explain with exact word. but for utp student you may imagine this…hehe

you are walking along the glass wall of irc from the front entrance to the admin office. each glass panel, there are one girl/woman standing there dancing and seducing you. the are all wearing only 2 pieces and some only one piece. and the pieces attached to them were from the victoria secret collection. all of them are tall, smooth and silky. there are vanilla flavour, caramel and chocolate. and there are only one color of light being used. its red!! you my walk from left to right in front of the glass wall. and the glass wall does not have ends till you feet hurt becauce of walking. pheww. and for gay/lesbian/bi, amst is definitely the place la.

sesungguhnya, tabah benar hati aku di amsterdam. sangat culture shock. i am holding myself back because i know i still standing with faith and cultural restriction. i still have my dad and mom and family who love me, and people who put thier trust on me. huhu

write more later


see i told you..its a boutique behind me


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Felix (orang spain kat starbuck yg kasi) on January 5, 2009 at 1:47 am

    fuck shit….


    1st u look miserable.
    2nd i do recognize that hat.really does.somehow it feel familiar
    3rd can i opt for erotic shop souvenir?? 😛

    good for u still holding ur stance.i know someone that will get hurt if u dont.kasihan itu orang


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