startford-upon-avon, the shakespear’s county

sorry for being silent quite a while. having too much fun sometimes make me forget my duty to post something here. we (me, nordin and amy) went to multiple places to visit and look around.

the first day, the 18th, we went to stratford upon avon, the birthplace of shakespear. what a beautiful town with nice homes and buldings and friendly people. stratford was the place where william shakepear and his family live, from his parents to his childrens. shakespear was very popular and influential back in 17 centuries, and even now there are people who come as a pilgrimage to shakespear’s birthplace. we went to all of the houses of shakespear, and even to the cathedral where he was buried.

picture worth more thousands of words aite..

img_1906me and din in front of the prince something2 (taktau haha). the prince if one of shakespears character in his play.

img_1912cute swan in the river across stratford upon avon

img_1926this is th house where william shakepear was born and raised

100_0736hall’s croft, house of the son-in-law of william shakespear

img_1924me and amy at the christmas market along the road. we tried everything ahaha

100_0708one of the streets in stratford upon avon. soo peacefull and relaxing


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