london to coventry

second day. wake up at 8 but still mcm malam. kick our asses took a tube to victoria central london. can see the real london. busy, hectic on a working day. its cold too but much better than yesterday. ride on megabus to coventry and reached nordin’s house around 12. lunch at this one lovely chineese restaurant. we ordered seafood since the its quite hard to fine halal restaurant here. then walk around in the coventry market. it was 100 years old, and it’s like chowkit in malaysia. the different is, thier market is very damn clean and happening. it was colourfull too, with fresh fruits and flowers. sales are everywhere. we bought 2 baskets of grapes for 2 pounds. very cheap. then it already 2pm and we drove to leamington. posh city (nordin said that). the town was very peacefull, but full with high end houses and cars. drooling :D~ . we walk around along the parade and stop at some shops. it was 4 when the sunlight started to fade. by 430, its already maghrib and by 5, its dark. quite sad because the day was soo short. we can do much. need to sleep a bit, before going out tonight. later yah.


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  1. Posted by raje on December 19, 2008 at 11:24 am


    altho i wont really go there at this time around. (so much of hot countries fan!) haha but really IT IS COOL nonetheless!

    **cant u see my excitement? ;P

    i also read Payeh’s blog. Cool. cool. COOL! B)

    p.s. yea2.. i’m a silent reader and shit like that 🙂


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