mendarat di london

nearly 20 hours of tiring flight from kul-kuwait-london, i finally stepped my feet in london. the journey was not that good, but i managed to make some new friends and being kissed once during th flight 🙂 . kuwait airport also is not that good compare to klia, but heathrow was superb and the greeting i received was soo welcoming. 


100_0580in flight from kuala lumpur to kuwait. small seat and and cant sleep at all!!!

100_0614fetched by imran@nordin. he’s waiting for 2 hrs. flight delay. hehe. thanks din. ni gmbr dlm tube ke finsburry park station, before walking to rumah apak

100_0619dinner (can i call it dinner eventhough it was 5pm, but its night already) at chicken cotttage. ala-ala kfc la kat msia la

100_0624yeahh its the famous trafalgar square. akhirnya aku sampai juga. xde ape sgt pun sebenarnya. just ramai org and sgt happening

100_0632lagi trafalgar square

100_0640singa tembaga yang besar.

100_06451british national museum as the background

100_0663london eye, beside thames. sgt lawa woo malam-malam. but it was soo damn cold, with freezing wind blowing

100_0674big ben or house the parliament.

100_0675nordin sedang bersandar. bajet nk buat gmbr menarik la. haha tak jadi pun

tak dapat berjalan sangat sebab cold and need to rush back. apak and shariman masak. sedap gle dapat makan nasik yang proper. rase inferrior to them. thanks apak sbb kasi tumpang. esok me and nordin will head to coventry. later la i’ll post and update something. tata~

salam dari london~



4 responses to this post.

  1. aihhhh…..jelesnye saye 😛


  2. Being kissed once during the flight? OMG…Belom pun sampai London kot…(sigh)


  3. sumpah!!! best..

    bler ler nk ade meting/FAT/conference kt oversea nih~ hehe =P


  4. Posted by ayah on December 24, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    kita orang sume kat umah pakcik ili..


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