holiday, as in real holiday

mood: happy but gloomy

environment: cold and humid, after rain with sounds from mama’s sewing machine


since the last day i left utp, i had not been really in the mood of doing things and still unable to settle down and accept the fact that i am no longer a student. no pocket money each month, no friends to chill with, no movies and series, and no classes and assignments. my life seems so dull and empty. i am living comfortably at home with good foods and various tv channels, but i still want the messy and hectic life i had in utp.duh, seriously i miss everything about college, and changing abruptly into this unemployed and penniless life sometime freak me.

i am sure since the day i reached home, i am soo damn busy with a lot of errands to run. the very next day after i arrived at home, our whole family went to family trip/vacation cum annual holiday in penang and langkawi. everything was planned by my dad, and i just follow them. i was happy and glad to spend time with my adik-adik and cousins (oh yes 3 cars filled with children). imagine that the whole 4 days of the trip, i am the official baby sitter to 7 children. my parents, uncle and aunt leave everything on me and my second brother to take care of the child. they were pampering themselves during the whole trip. honestly, i am kinda frustrated when i need to take care of them because i do not even have the time for myself, but later i felt so happy when they respect and love me more (ya lah, i am rarely did my responsibilities as abang to them pun). and the raya aidildha, we celebrated it in the hotel room in langkawi. basically no raya pun. its just a normal day. never mind la, still got next year raya haji kan šŸ˜€

returning from the vacation, i am soo busy with the this europe trip thingy. confirmation of tickets, travel plans, hotel bookings etc. i dont really expect that i am going to be very busy preparing for the trip. changing money, purchasing travelers cheque, phone roaming etc. luckily, i had everything ready now.

passport..check. clothes..check. money..check. tickets..check. evrything is ok la. cant wait for tomorrow. i am leaving home by afternoon and will board on the plane to kuwait at 315am this tuesday. 22hrs after that, and nothing happen, insyaAllah i’ll be in london.

dear all, i promise i’ll upload some pictures if i have time ok. till then, keep on updating on this blog for my whereabouts.

ohh english aku semakin miskin dirumah


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