we will go to last bbq party

we just finished preparing stuff that we will bring our last bbq tonight. we had macam-macam, from meat to chicken, from prawns to squids, honeydew to corn to potatoes. it was all been packed up and we just need to wait for the logistics crew to return with the grill set etc. then we set to drive to teluk batik.

last night they (nas, mede and halim) visitied tesco and put our money there. in return, we get full loads of groceries and ingredients for our supply today. and it cost them 350 malaysian bucks. plus another 10 bucks collected today. thats a lot, and imagine the quantity of food that we will crunch and swallow tonight. gile hound la..


its tomorrow when we will depart, letting our legs walk to our own path. its hard for me to see tomorrow, but it will definitely come and we need to face it whatever it takes. i will write more. i am sad and hurt because of this separation. but i cant really put my feelings here, because i had to hold my ego not to let my tears run. huh!


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