syiokk nye penang

it was a trip. he described it as gateaway. i defined it as a farewell vacation. and he may think it was a honeymoon. whatever it’s called, i concluded that the penang trip was the best ever trip i had.

we cabut that saturday morning without telling anyone. it’s my intention to sneak out qietly because i know some will feel unhappy if i didnt invite them to join me. sorry dear all. the trip was not properly planned. we only triggerr the idea few days before that, and within flash, we already in penang.

ok2 about the trip. main objective: food, photo shooting, jalan-jalan tempat yg bnyk crowd, and meet fareez’s cousin.

time: 5 am – 5 am

food: sotong kangkung, sotong bakar, kerang bakar, laksa penang, lai chee kang, ABC @ padang kota, cendol pulut, assorted jeruk @ chowrasta market, nasik campur awet muda @ usm, indian sweets and popiah @ little india, etc.

places visited: rumah p ramlee (it was damn nice), teluk bahang and batu feringghi (the beaches), little india and penang peranakan mansion ( worth rm10 tickets for the tour), usm (we met kak nor, payeh’s cousin, pusing2 usm, mandi, solat etc), komtar, perangin mall, chowrasta market (open market that sells jeruk, goodies and some oleh-oleh penang), padang kota (where we ate like garbage truck), clock tower (at the middile of a road in the middle of the night), masjid lebuh acheh (last stop before heading back to tanah besar).

it was totally fun. but i think we should plan properly next time. we repeatedly lost because of the confusing road in the island. although we have map, but the map itself confused us. haha. and the traffic was horrible too. most of the time we spend was in the red candy, waiting the front car to crawl bit by bit at a time. tension bangat jam kat penang. but okay lah, we still have fun.

ok here’s the real deal. browse at this mellow site for pictures and more stories. and thank you fareez (my crew) for making this possible.

chow rasta~

(read: not chow phraya anymore occay azman!!)


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  1. hey mariam gi ke tak



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