rasminya graduated

today 21 november 2008, mohd nazrin bin zaini was officially entitled as a graduates engineer

i just finished my very last paper, advanced vehicle dynamics this morning. it was okay and i can aim for good grades in this paper. sharp at 1215 i stepped out from the multi purpose hall utp, and it marks the end of my sixteen years of study as a formal student. yes of course we are life-long student, thus it makes me one, but as a student who attend classes and do homeworks, i finished here.

last tuesday, i had my final year project presentation. it was not really a success as i described it, but who cares. as long as i had dealt with it, gone through the bombardment of questions and tonnes of twisting answers, i am totally over it. now i am happy and glad that i had finished it. i can get rid of the burden that haunted me this year through.

and today was eventful too. i’ve got a call this morning while driving to the hall from one of the junior in my MAS group. a friend name senur (as what we called him) has passed away in an accident in front of utp. i was shock and distracted. my heart told me to visit his remain in hospital batu gajah, but i need to finish my paper. senur is one of my favorite juniors in the group. i was their facilitator throughout the whole MAS in jan07. so we are not only friend, but even closer. and they called my abang nazrin. i am pretty close to senur, and when i heard the news, it was a heavy punch to me. i am sad and regret because i lost a friend and noticing that he is a good and humble and courteous junior i know. i can do nothing except accepting the fact that he is no longer in the journey with us, and the most that i can do is to pray for His blessing and equanimity upon his soul.

so thats it. a simple wrap-up for the past few days. i know i should write many because it is only few days left, and i need to store some stories here. but you know lah, only today i can get access here.
i will write more later ok?!


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  1. salam takziah…


    slamat bergraduasi!


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