petua mencari jodoh/pasangan/kawan

everyone need others. its a huge lie and deceptive if someone claims “i can live by my own“. yes you may, if you we deserted in an island smaller than basketball court and no human being exist there unless you. do you think you can be happy like that. human nature need others to interact.

but, to find such a friend or buddy or the one, it is not as easy as you may think. you can pick friends here and there, but to find one that can love and treasure and care about you, it takes time and needs a vocab called destiny. agree or not, you need to believe this.

ooh i wrote based on personal experiences. how do you determine a person could be your best friend/buddy/lover? its simple. seriously simple. do you learn about physics, chemistry, literature and moral studies in school? if do, its easier to understand my theory then. if not, you may have to do some literature review on that. what i am discussing below is the quality that you need to figure between you and your friend.

one, same brain frequency. have you heard about professor xavier in the xaviers mutan school. it is the same as my theory. when prof xavier wants to read peoples mind, he need to have the same brain frequency with them. unless, he cant do that. thus it goes with the theory. a good friend can figure out what are the things play in your mind without you have to give hints and clues. he/she can understand your feelings, and your needs even though you say the opposite. have you ever encounter that? well frequency is physics eh…

two, people say, in a relationship you must have chemistry or you will not go further. when you are connecting and interacting to each other, some bonds will be originated. the bonding created is as the same as the bonding between two molecules that attached to each other after some chemical reactions. thus person to person relationship is another type of bonding, and bondings are chemistry…

three, good friends always talk. the talk about things, feelings, craps, jokes, and even share stories and histories. but not anyone can talk to any person. we talk in the same languages, but different tunes. sometime, you may encounter a situation where you were telling a story to a friend, but he cuts you short with unsupportive and stupid feedbacks. it is not her/his fault, but blame the “similar in language, but different in tunes”. not everyone can talk the same way others talk. language is literature…

four, level of concern of goodness and badness of each person is different. this make people differ from each other. think about a pious taxi driver try to make friends with a drunken fashion designer that he happen to drive home one weekend night. impossible they can make friends, unless the taxi driver go to the bar, or the designer go to the mosque. that is what i mean by moral level of a friend. see around your circle of friend, is there anyone who is way too naughty, or way too pious compare to you. think about it. there you go moral studies..

ok class over. please do your homework. make some calculation and evaluate your friend. submit your report tomorrow by 11 in my comments box.

assignment hint: a friend is a person who have same brain frequency with you, have chemistry, talk in the same tunes and evilly equal to you.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by fareezyusoff on November 9, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    well said la apam.well said!
    can i say this is one of the best post ever! brillianT! gile Walla~ demit! rase inferior


  2. that right what you say….


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