i had a bad day

it was graving mind (hye huda haha). i am not whining nor sulking. it was really bad day for me. it starts with hopes and dreams that fly high, but it turn out to be on the mouth of a grave situation. that evening , i mean yesterday’s evening, i was nearly collapse.

i met dr masri, firman, dr shahrin and so unlucky cant met dr rashid, and they told me to change my fyp topic. great!! i am stunned. for the reason i dont want to explain, they suggest me to change. what are you thinking. thank god you dont find me in the utp lake, floating and blue, with a note wrotes ” thank you cruel world for the shitty fyp” glued to my forehead.

i went nuts. i admit i had tears. i cant control. but to the lucky i have payeh, maini, huda, close friends, and her who favours me and gave words of advantages. i woke up, yes woke up and throw away the highest notes of screams out of my window  and starts fresh steps. i will continue whatever i had done, and will face the jugdes and examiners and lecturers. not stepping back, i will encounter everything. this is the thing i had done for months, and to just delete all efforts i had put, its a big lost to me. go on is the thing now. and even dr masri motivated me to strive through this morning when i met him.

sorry for being away from you guys. i didnt left you, but i have to do this for the best of me, and us ok. later ill catch up. promise~


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  1. Posted by theQueen on November 7, 2008 at 1:07 am

    o.O –> terkejut sebentar awal2 dh nmpk name sendiri. ha ha. tape la yang. you’re always welcome to pour your heart/mind to me =] i won’t mind the slightest bit ever. as for your fyp, so long you don’t jump into the lake – i’d back you up for whatever decision you’d made – it’s your battle after all. and dear, do fight for all you worth. it’s the final war. just a few more steps, hun.


  2. yeah..life’s a bit cruel…

    “shit happens”-don’t remember who quoted this

    be strong n i noe u r…gd luck bro…idup oto’s!!


  3. Posted by siti_otai on November 7, 2008 at 10:23 am

    apam..what is your goal in your life??get a good education..get a job and get a high salary??go to hell then..
    sucikan hati dan niat kau..dunia ni sementara..yg hakiki is day after that..akhirat..your aim is nk masuk syurga(xkn tanak kot?)..insyaAllah kau boleh hadapi semua kat dunia nih dgn mudah..

    Let say lepas ko abis klas ko nk balik umah n rehat2..umah ko kat tingkat 88.and lift rosak..ko mesti akan naik tangga and pass through level 1-88 kan…umah=syurga..level1-88 is benda2 kat dunia yg kau kene buat/achieve supaya ko dapat hidup senang(tdo lpas klas)..and ko berusaha keras nk naik tangga tuh…thats the analogy.

    aku xtau la ko dapat or x ape maksud aku..this is what i get from esq training..

    ” thank you cruel world for the shitty fyp”<–dont even say this..dont blame Him..mintak petunjuk and mintak lagi dipermudahkan..

    ye mmg aku x nafikan..kalau bad thing happen kiter mesti akan keluarkan ayat2 mcm 2..lpas esq aku sedar that we shouldn’t…istighfar bile kiter sakit ati or marah..everything that happens mesti ader sebab dan hikmah..

    just believe in Him..everythings gonna be fine..

    kalau ader rezeki n kesempatan..go for esq..it really change your way of thinking..

    im not brinwashing you..but sharing my knowledge with u..

    its ok to be away from ur friends..but dont get far away from Him..kasih sayang pada kwan2 tuh sementara jer…x lame lagi ko akan bepisah dgn kwn2..and at the end evrybody will die..sayangilah Dia yg abadi..becoz dia Maha Menyayangimu..


  4. Posted by nirzan on November 7, 2008 at 11:08 am

    huda, man and otai
    thanks for the concern and support
    sangat menghargai
    thanks otai..u made me realize things..we can always come back to Him kan if we lost track..
    hopefully i can get through this well


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