its them

the past few weeks, my life changed. not into changing but it changed. i dont plan or manage it, but it alter itself. i dont know why, and to lie down and revise, i dont think i need one. it changed, and thats the fact!! it affects my ordinary life duty, my friend’s life because i think i bother them and the well prepared schedules and plans for the farewell curtain of graduation.

this is what they say/said:

housemate1: ko jarang lepak ngn kitorang skng. aritu yg sume kuar 11 org ko xde pun, ngn kak huda sekali

me: bile? aku x tahu pon

housemate1: ala due tige hari lepas

me: duhh i went out evrynight the the autos lately (mumbling to myself)

a day after that…

roomate: ko nak pegi mane?

me: ipoh ngn someone (he knows it was she)

roomate: ape yg ko bawak dalam bag tu, nk pegi ipoh je

me: ada aaa~

roomate: ko banyak berahsia ngn aku skng..

me: aduhhh (whispering)


housemate2: apam ko nk pegi ipoh ke?

me: aah

housemate3: haahhaahha hhaahhaahha hhaahaa (housemate2 n housemate3 is roomate)

housemate2: ko nk pegi ngn A ke B? ko tgk housemate 3 gelak cm syaitan. haha

me: go figure (smiling)

housemate2: jangan nakal. bile la nk lepak same lg

me: later k (heart wounds..aduhh~)

it was portion of the heart doomed experinced by them. them refers to housemates. housemates refers to combohorians. oh maybe them can refer to some chains of friends which i locked along with them years and months and weeks and days before. it was me who wrong, and it was me who cant make time and effort to spend with you guys. i know that, and personally i dont want it to happen. but the current current that flows now dragged our lighters apart and i do not have the power to bring it close back in the near time. but i believe when we reach confluence, we can drop anchors and merged again, and facing the open sea altogether.

my beloved roomate for the 5 years and more. thanks jot@maini. saya sayang kamu, terima kasih atas segalanya (i would never ever say this depan2. maluuu~ hee~). oh kacak kan kami jumaat lepas?


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by fareezyusoff on November 2, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    …. cya 🙂


  2. tah nye apam..lame ko xsetting futsal..lame gak aku xnmpk tadaima~ ko kat mirc…lame gak aku xkekeng ko futsal…lame gak aku xnmpk ko…tyne org, sume kate xtau..ade kate tau…tapi………………


  3. Posted by otai on November 3, 2008 at 9:52 am



  4. Posted by theQueen on November 3, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    ouh..comelnye korang pakai bj melayu. saye suke XD
    tulah. lama gak tak lepak same. sigh


  5. Posted by nirzan on November 4, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    comel? haha (* ^,^ *)!!
    btw mari spend mase bersama2 korang2 semua


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