high school musical

you may label us child or immature or ribena, but high school musical is definetely much much superb and awesome and fun and hillarious and charming and enjoyable and pure-satisfaction compare to BUDAK KELANTAN!!! heeheee (gelak sinis). i declare i am malay, but i am an unfan of malay screenplay. sorry~ haha

she asked me out (she ok!!! she!!!) and i am taking no second before replying my pleasure to her. waiting for that for moons, and it pooped out when i was wondering of asking her out. obvious telephatic kan? the get-hella-out weekend starts nice with the date.

appetizers at roti boy, dinner at johnnys, and banana split as dessert accomplised my day. plan to have robbins and secret receipies and muffins at kenny but jonnys alone made us inflate. and even worst, i’ve got indigestion during the movie. duhh~

oh im writing about the movie actually. per describe, it was total fun. we were sharing the same interest about the first two sequel of the musical. and this time, it’s a total must to watch it cinematically. the movie was filled with love, love here, love there, love everywhere. the musical arrangement was sooooo nice. i felt like hanging to the clouds while flying following the rhythms and rhymes. the dance was brilliantly choreograph for the chromatically composed songs. i do love musicals, and it was an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa when both troy and gabriella kisses. perghh gugur jantung bai~

we were smiling all the way back. it fluorishes. but we do not really talk about it. maluu~ hee~

on the way back, refilling the tank..it was 215 cents per litre. oh the worlds oil downclining to less than 60 american bucks per barrel. good lah kan. i hope it was not another dosses of political strategy for the unruling power after this. cheers


3 responses to this post.

  1. nak tgk jugakkkk!!! td kt midballey rmai giler orng beratur….hu2


  2. yerp2!!! 1 second dat..
    sgt best~~ ^^


  3. Posted by nirzan on November 3, 2008 at 7:55 am

    kalu xnak beratoq, mai la ipoh..haha


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