mourning over my card

it was already sunday morning, and i am still very sad because i lost my matrix card on saturday. you may question whats a big deal with just a card? it is replacable? and you can get a beter and new one anyway..

you may not know how much i love that one card. the card was made for me back then in the second week i was in utp. after nearly five years the card was tagged to me wherever i go, i lost it in one night. i still remember inserting it in my wallet before we went out for cambohorian dayout, but i could not recall where and when it slipped away and lost from my sight.

the card was one hella precious item i had. i treasure it soo much and its hurt like urrghhh when i lost it. while others card was faded away because of days, and turn yellowish-brown because of the hot climate in utp, mine was well was in a perfect condition where you can see my innocent and young face, with all the writings engraved on it. the color was bright, no scratch and no part of the card chipped away. no one can really tell wether the card is new or it’s 5 years old.

aduhh, it’s hurt when i think too much about it. a friend of mine say, you will treasure something when you lost them. i am treasuring the card even when it’s with me, and even worst when i lost it. all my memories, experiences and life stories in utp was stored inside the card, and i’m worry i could lose them with the missing of the poor card. and it’s gone when the it was too near to last day in utp. aduyai~

oh god i couldnt find any picture that shows the card. sedey sial. please please please~ whoever found a card with name MOHD NAZRIN BIN ZAINI, id 6511 written on it, please return it back to me. i am willing to pay or reward you as you wish,as long as i can get the card. huhu. dear God, please give it back to me~


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