mama and altruism

i never write about altruistic in this blog, eventhough i always use them..hmm

this afternoon, my mum called me. she called me in the middle of the hot and sunny day, while i was walking to the EDX to give support to my roomate for his exhibition. as always, she started with some life catchup, asking where i had lunch that afternoon, hows life been bla bla bla…then we came to the interesting part

”kan 24hb ni mama nak pegi medan ngn bos ayah, tapi mama rase nk spend cuti deepavali tu with diorang kat manjalara” deng! i laugh myself.

yeah thats the story. cian my mum. this deepavali, she’ll need to go to medan to accompany my dad entertaining his bosses. she know that she cant refuse, because of my dad and to maintain good relationship with the bosses. furthermore the bosses already purchase the tickets etc. but i know in her heart, she wants to spend time on holiday with my auntie’s family. she’s in dilemma, and she have to choose people over her heart.

she keep mengadu but i said, she need to face it la. it is an important trip for my dad as well as for her. tapi itu lah, nak buat cmne..

oh my mum seriously becoming very altruistic. and altruism among adult is much more complicated than us…duh 🙂


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