fyp freak out

i am freaking out nowadays when i think and absorb too much about my fyp. and by writing about it here, i can release some burden to prevent my head explodes because of over pressure. and my friend (you know who you are, the two girls la hehe) can catch the stories of mine eventhough i didnt tell them because xde mase nk berborak pon. uh dont have time to write anyway, but i am posting the private email i send to dr rashid this morning. haha. xperlu nk PNC bagai, asal puas hati aku sudah, bukan begitu?


From: mohd nazrin zaini <nazrinzaini@yahoo.com>
To: rashid@petronas.com.my
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 8:49:21 AM
Subject: Raw data for PIV

Assalamualaikum Dr

How are you? Its been long since I last talked to you. Sorry for being completely silent for the past two months. How are you? Hows your life been?

We were slowly progressing here with the help of Firman, Dr Masri and others. Up till the last day before raya, my PLIF/PIV still cant work because of the failure to synchronize the laser with the trigger from the computer. The laser works if its is manually triggered, but when we try to sync it with the camera, it failed. Its just after raya, the PLIF/PIV suddently work. Terkejut kitorang. And we (me, Firman and John) took the first data using E85. We managed to get some pictures by trial and errors, but to be frank, something happen again.

It was Tuesday when we managed to use the PIV, and the next day, I went to see Dr Masri to show him the data/picture that we obtained. I want him to verify that data since no one can confirm that we are getting correct result. Then in the afternoon, I went back to the CAR lab to continue taking pictures for the neat gasoline, E10 and redo the E85. But to my surprise, John had disconnected all the PIV setup in the afternoon. I was very shocked when I came to the lab and saw everything was dismantled. He wants to move the PLIF/PIV setup to the CNG Lab. I already told him that I am going to use that setup for another one lab session, but he doesnt count me. Plus, Firman repeatedly told him that if he touch anything on the setup, there must me some problems happen.

Then thats the fact!! the PIV failed again. I was very sad when we move the setup to CNG lab and it cant work at all. I am not blaming John personally, but I think his self-control over the equipment affects everyone. He always do anything without the consent of others. After waiting for three month hoping that the setup will work, it turn up like that. We cant figure out how to repair that setup again, and Firman is already mad on this issue.

I try to rationalize things happen, and move on. I am now working on the raw and poor data we had from the E85, and I managed to find ways to get some result from the FlowMap software. Please have a look at it, and help me in analyzing it since I cant intreprete the data by myself.

When I look back to the objective of our project, we will need to find the spray characteristic (spray angle, tip penetration length, droplet size, spray pattern and vaporization rate). But PIV will give us the spray pattern and distribution. Do I need to analyze that too? I hope that you can point out the thing that I should do because I am working syok sendiri now, since no one guide or told me what to do.

There are hundreds of capture we have, and these are among the best picture we had. I had tried to play around with the image processing and algoritm, and eliminate the noise etc. The first frame is the actual capture, and the second image is the flow vector. Sample 5.2 is the image of Sample 5.1 that had been edited.

Thank you dr, and I am looking forward to receive your reply. I am working very hard now with the readings, but I do need your help the most. I’ll write to you later. Take care sir!

Mohd  Nazrin Zaini

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