God’s will over everything

silly question..do you belive in miracle created by God’s will? well i can ssure you that everyone does, but to what level? some of us were diluted with the fact/story from the Messenger’s ere that Allah can make anything by his will, so we belive that mukjizat is some miracle from Allah. some of us maybe had seen the pictures/video or read about the miracle of Allah’s mightyness. but do you guys ever happened to experience it yourself, with your own hand witnessing by your own eyes. that’s the story i’ll tell…

another question..do you belive in the power of prayer? and how often you say your prayer, and you can get what you are asking just after that? human being always say their prayer, but in the manners that the thing they asked for is very subjective. example, they asking for forgivess because of the sins the had done, and the good life After, or asking Him to bless their family etc. a normal human being will not pray for some solid things, such as asking for a bag of money that will fall from heaven (because they know that the possiblities of it happening is 0.003%, and God will not grant the prayer of somone who is only asking, but not work/struggle to achive that by their own). i believe in the power of doa, and this few days, everything (i mean the power of doa) was proven to myself..

friends, i had this little experince i want to share. read it and i hope that everyone can take lessons and hikmah from the story.


my fyp was not progressing well. i was behind schedule 6 weeks. everything was not completed, and problem after problem arises when i am working hard to complete my research. the ultimate point where i got stucked and can’t move is when my equipment setup fails. i had this PLIF (you may not heard it before, it’s a flow vizualisation equipment) and it was never been used by anyone since it was bought in 2003. on top of that, because no one had used it, the equiment was not working and we had nobody capable to fix it. i struggled to repair the equipment by the help of a PhD student for over 2 months and there’s not really a thing we achived. i had once surrender myself, and just let things happen and i’ll bare with the counsequences.

on the last lab session before raya, i went to the lab with dr masri (my new sv) and few post graduates student to see if he can help in fixing/troubleshooting the PLIF. but after thorough observation and consideration, and some discussion with the postgrad experts, he decided that i should abandon the equipment. he told me to work on a backup method (which is very weak) just to save my fyp. obviously, i will get very poor grades, but that is the most we can do. i can’t stand to delay my graduation because of the fyp.

i am pasrah with what happen. even dr masri can’t do much about it. we had no idea where we can find someone who can fix it and help us. there is no more expertise in utp that we can get, even we had asked every possible lecturers on how to get the problem solved. personally, i had lost all my hope for the PLIF methods, and i will continue with the backup methods soon after raya.

i mengadu my problem to her. she was very sad for me as well but she advised me to come back to Him when no one hear you, when no one can help you. she said, when we had no hope left in anything we did, put our hope to Him and pray seikhlas hati, and He will hear you. her words made me realized that i had not really berdoa for the succes of my fyp. i prayed everyday in the ramadhan that is left, and even on the first syawal. the thing i prayed about most is “ya Allah, permudahkan lah fyp aku”…

when i come back, i am working hard on the new technique. then comes john (phd student that help me), asking me what am i doing? why i am changing techniuqes? i said ya lah, the PLIF was not working, so i change la. he stood silent, and with a weird face he said “that PLIF is working!!!”. what a shocked. i am panicking myself for some minutes and when i came back to my sense, i asked him about it. he think that i am the one who fix the PLIF. i said no, i had never touch the equipment since raya. so we asked firman, the other phd student, and he said he has no idea on what is happening.

i asked my self, what is really happening? i could not explain. after 2 months of tiring work fixing that PLIF, we didnt succes. and suddenly, everything fix itself. john said there is a hantu (he is a christian btw) in the lab that help us. oh my godness, maybe that is because of my prayer. He granted it. i am totally bersyukur because of that. i am not saying that a miracle happened (such as an angle came down from heaven and fix it), but thats the fact. maybe there are some coincidence happened here and there, but who knows, God’s will is everything..and now, i am more excited and energetic than ever to finish my fyp..

alhamdulillah on what happened. syukur aku kepadamu tidak terhingga ya Allah. sesungguhnya kuasaMu tiada batasan, and engkaulah yang Maha menerima doa hamba-hambanya..

when He say “kun fayakun”, jadi! maka jadilah.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Andrew on October 9, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    No such thing as god’s will. It’s only man’s will.


  2. Posted by nirzan on October 9, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    err i dont understand
    can you futher explain andrew?


  3. Andrew probably sees this thing thru the eye of a man who believes in the Law of Attraction where the power of visualization is used to transmit certain brain frequencies on which the universe will correspond and rearrange itself to materializse whatever you wish/visualize.

    In Islam, we call the power of visualization as ‘dua’ a.k.a prayer. As simple as that.


  4. OMG one of the best blog posts i’ve ever read
    and wow you have a random reader in andrew (i don’t know who he is, but i bet you don’t too) who probably doesn’t believe in the existence of a Creator
    too bad for him

    aku sebenarnye malas comment2 kat blog org
    tapi aku suke bile org comment kat blog aku
    so aku harap kau tahu bahawa post td adalah antara yg terbaek yg aku penah bace
    sgt inspiring
    1. btol, ramai ngaku akan kuasa Tuhan, akan ‘kun fayakun’, tapi tak ramai btol2 percaya, tak ramai btol2 percaya yg Dia berkuase memberi kita seketul beg penuh ngan duit jatuh dari langit, pasal di akal kita, tak logik
    2. kenyataannya, kuasa-Nya menjangkaui logik manusia, tapi most of the time Dia akan tunjukkan kuasa-Nya dan masih mengekalkan logik, contohnye kes kau
    mesin tu ‘tetibe’ elok walaupun sebenarnye ade reason kenapa bende tu tetibe elok, cume kite tatau
    tapi pilihan kita utk mengakui bahawa tu kuasa Tuhan ataupun tu kebetulan yg sgt rendah probability nye
    and Alhamdulillah kau percaya bahawa Allah yg membantu kau, kerana mmg pon
    Allah ade 6 billion manusia nak dijaga, tak termasuk makhluk2 Dia yang tak terkira byknye, tapi Dia sayang setiap satu kite dan menjaga kite, dan keupayaan-Nya bukan mcm keupayaan kite manusia biase
    dan setiap hari aku dpt miracle mcm kau mention tu, tapi aku tak pernah blog
    mebi aku rase ade gunenye aku citer gak pengalaman2 aku mcm kau alami tu
    kerana insyaAllah post2 mcm ni dpt menyedarkan kite betapa powernye Allah, dan betapa apabila Dia ckp, “jadilah”, maka jadilah


  5. Posted by nirzan on October 13, 2008 at 1:19 am

    thanks thaqif and najmie for the thought
    well everyone have their belives and faith
    the thing that differ one to other is the level of belives they have
    i think, when a human have hope over things they cant get from other human being, that is prayer
    and we can always come back ti Him when we have nobody to help, and no one to hear


  6. Posted by mr angel on July 16, 2009 at 7:19 am

    sgt inspiring story.thanks dude for that..aku rase insaf after bc cerita ko, n ak x tau mengapa aku salahkan tuhan atas silly things happened to me lately..thanks so much bro..seriusly, u inspired me.


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