kuih/biskut raya..ohh lah

this afternoon, i was asked by my mom to refill some raya cookies into the jar. honestly, kuih raya was always not my favourite. i just dont know why, but i had these thinking that kuih raya doesn’t give any significant or meaning to the raya celebration each year. if you talk or think about ketupat and lemang and rendang, the feeling and warmth of raya will flow in your veins. but if someone mention about almond london (which was called tat mengandung by my granny), or tat nenas, or mama carries, the only think that will flash in our mind is just that they are all ordinary cookies, it doesn’t have any connections or sparks to the feeling of raya.

its just this afternoon everything changed. while i was putting and arranging the cookies into the colorful jar, i tried one of the kuih raya. my mom called it biskut bunga cina. before this, i ate those cookies but i felt nothing. i can’t really feel the sweetness or the real taste of those cookies. i always tease them. i always questions my mom why she made a lot of cookies, and baked cakes too. but, to my surprise everything change after that first bite.

i can feel now the real flavor of the kuih raya. its not only i can taste the sweetness, but the love from the hand that made it really matters. i can feel the hardship and effort of making those kuih raya, from mixing the dough, shaping, decorating until baking it.

the pineapple tart

now i understand why my mother and my sister devoted their one whole day of fasting to make those kuih raya. they started from early in the morning, leaving behind all the daily house chores ( basuh kain, menyapu, lipat baju etc), and continue duduk bersila in the kitchen till late evening. even they asked me to buy some lauk in pasar ramadhan. and even after midnight they only wrap everything. the determination they had really impress me. my mom said, if it’s not because she love us, she won’t sit for that long until her back ache badly the next day.

kuih buah cengkih

did they feel any boring or tired of keep on repeating stamping those kuih? well i learn something. gurls always like gossips. mase buat kuih they gossip, time makan kuih gossip, time jual-beli kuih pon gossip.
kuih raya and gossip were well bonded and cannot be apart. when my relatives come to our house, and having the kuih raya before the lemang and rendang, they will gossip, keep on updating stories. they can talk about almost anything from langsir jiran, to orang kahwin to tok bomoh penipu di kampung kami.

kuih apemendentah

biskut bunga cina

it is hard to find traditional malay kuih raya nawadays. most houses serve modern kuih to their guesses. bahulu, a very famous kuih raya is rarely found. jgn la sebut kuih bangkit, kuih bakar, putu beras, agar-agar kering, batang buruk and others. zaman anak-anak aku nanti, xde dh kuih raya spesiss cmtu..

mama carries

bilis gulung

almond london

kuih raya also become one of the kayu ukur kemeriahan raya of any particular family. lagi banyak balang, lagi mahal kuih-kuih nya, lagi meriah la sambutan syawalnya. my adik, when we went to any house, she will be looking at the biskut. she’ll be interested if she could find rare type of cookies, while my mom eagerly try every  single type of biskut raya she can find.

cookies from heaven

oh lah kuih raya. macam-macam hal kuih raya. when my mom asked me why i took pictures of kuih raya, i said “nk kasik budak2 kat oversea to jeles” haha. sorry la kawan-kawan. besides lemang, ketupat, rendang, baju baru, pelita, panjut, langsir baru, kuih raya pon melambangkan kemeriahan aidilfitri..


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  1. wow apm, those kuih bunga cengkih look great!!

    o yea btw, nie j.E la =)


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