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i am not really understand why people tag people, or what is actually tag means? btw, lets just pretend to understand it and do this. i was tagged by payehs (which i don,t really know why he tag me..haha) so i write this. fyi, this is the first time i am doing this taggie thing. orang lain sibuk-sibuk buat, apa salahnya aku cuba sekali kan…

so whats next? he asked me to list 15 facts/things about me. simple isn’t it?

  1. i am a sweet talker. many people say this, i dont know what they really mean, either i am a good talking partner, or they describe me as a bermuka-muka type of person. its up to you to judge me. i describe myself as someone who is easy to be friend with, and the thing that come out from my mouth is mostly sincere and honest (kadang-kadang crap juga 😀)
  2. i cant eat crab, telur kuning (the yellow part on an egg) and drink milk (the milkmaid or capteko something, but i can take fresh milk). these food will make me choke, vommit or even pening-pening till demam.
  3. my school was all boys. i had this strong feeling of brotherhood between male friends. so sorry girl if i ditch you guys sometime because of my circle of brothers :p
  4. my life curve was well inclining, linearly. means i was poor and hard back then when i was small, live in villages and going to school with budak-budak kampung. then we moved to penang, kuala lumpur and many other places before we settled down in jerantut, pahang. my family’s social level was slowly inclining when my dad obtained his master and my mom’s business was progressing well. a frined of mine said that i am well brought up. ya lah, dulu susah, sekarang ni dh senang la sikit. i have a car here, thats pretty well la aite?
  5. first son i am. i had 5 little siblings which is totally different between one another. they call me along. ada angah, atam, ateh etc. susah nk cari orang guna nama gelaran nowadays right?
  6. someone describe me as “a matured man in a child” or “the innerchild within”.mane-mana pon boleh..
  7. i am very particular about tidiness/cleanliness. everything must be perfect. my shirt, my appearance etc. but sometimes you’ll see me in a mess or very selekeh. tu time-time tgh serabut la tu…
  8. korea/japan freak. say whatever. i had over 600gb++ korea/japan series. need to add another keping of hard drive. bnyk lg ohh belum download. i plan to watch one episode of any drama/series per day before going to bed with my wife later.
  9. ohhh i love travelling. going to anyplace, stay anywhere, walk walk and walk. love to see people, places and different cultures.
  10. not a fashion freak. or a branded clothes fanatic. i dont mind wearing jeans that have a price tag of rm19.90 or a tshirt worth rm4.99. i do envy people who bought shirt and pants for more than rm200++, but the satisfaction of wearing branded/expensive clothes was not with me.
  11. big spender. oh its not like a big undergarment or big panties, but i am very boross. most of my bucks flew away to food, entertainment, and things that sometimes people think it is unnecessary. i dont mind spending rm250 per month for karaoke, movies etc.
  12. i am hardly cried. eversince i was in uni, i only can recall i cried 3 times. one time when i gaduh with my mom, one time when my grandma passed away, and another when this one little woman makes me menangis terharu with her loyalty and care for me.
  13. i love my blog. say whatever. blog syok sendiri, blog bajet, or blog crap. lantak kau la. dh name blog aku nazrinzaini, a simple virtual diary of mine”. ikut suka aku la nk tulis ape. nk bace, bace. taknak sudah. aku wat blog ni untuk kawan-kawan sahaja. kenalan, musuh or orang asing, sila main jauh-jauh.
  14. mu current handphone was the tenth. first phone was bought by my mom when i was in foundation. nokia butterfly. sayang gle henset tu. i lost 2, rosak 3, and the other 4 i change it because i am bored with them. the current one, just nice for my usage. later la nk beli phone ada gps and 3g and a good camera.
  15. i love pillow talk. back then, i always do pillow-talking with my mom, budak-budak serumah, and recent one, this sweet-altruistic guy that call me his huggingbuddy. huh. tah sape tah huggingbuddy die.
  16. i am obedient to rules. tp fact ke-16 ni dh x ikut rule kan. ahah

deng. enough la. some facts about me. want to know more facts, do mingle around with me, then you’ll know me better.

i tag huda, otai, kak julie, cham and limtat.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lelaki altruistic?? on September 24, 2008 at 10:05 am

    post ni banyak grammar tunggang langgang.heee.terasa nak cakap gak.bukan nak act yah. typo pon banyak.tp fact tu banyak aku da tau ma~



  2. Posted by nirzan on September 25, 2008 at 1:15 am

    dh betulkan. aku pon malu baca post ni. cm stupid. aku menulis dikala mata masih berat, kepala pening, hidung berhingus


  3. Posted by theQueen on September 25, 2008 at 2:16 am

    aduyai. noted dear.
    done and posted =]


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