new boost

while i was in the mood of crawling down the steps to the successful of my fyp, by god’s miracle, i got a new boost today.  i met a very wonderful yer energetic new supervisor. ir dr masri was his name. newly returned from ukay (read: united kingdom), he is the replacement for dr rashid that leaved for his project purpose to ukay too. i set an appointment with him earlier, and after zohor that monday afternoon, with hopes and courages, i ran after him in his office.

intoducing myself, a bit the whole fyp storyline bla bla bla. ir masri was not someone who is hard to approch, and his warm welcome made me feel easy and give a very good interpersonal impression of him. actually, the purpose of me meeting him that evening is to submit my overdue report and set up an introductory meeting with him for all the team members.

what do you feel when someone read your report in front of you, and give comments directly to you? you’ll feel APPRECIATED!!!! never in the history of my fyp, my supervisor read my report, give feedback and correct me in front of myself. i dont blame dr rashid, he is a super busy man for not really gave attention to me, but the effort made by dr masri was way better in helping and guiding a naive and stupid student like me.

seriously, after that one hour meeting, i felt totally refresh like a newborn. he is firing me of being so bold, use poor english in the report, thousands of grammatical mistakes and unreasonable sentences that has no meaning. every single time i throw a word in malay, he will say “english please!!”. personally, i do annoyed with his style, but I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!! he is scolded me and pointing out my weaknesses, but not even a single bit in my heart i felt exasperate or petty. i love to be scolded for valid and rasional reason, for something that can improve me. following that, i walk away with new heart, and smiling face, knowing that i am ready for the new beginning of my fyp.


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