2009 budget

i think by now, i (or we) should be aware and take notice about the national annual budget. on the friday afternoon, dsaab (datuk seri abdullah ahmad badawi) had presented the 2009 budget in the house of malaysian parliament. i just want to highlight a few things that i consider most of us should know. unless i am writing this, some of us dont even bother of knowing anything about next year’s budget, because for some of us (around my circle of life), they prefer to read blogs than reading about budget in the newspaper. here i am, you read my blog, and you know a little bit about budget.

1. rm35 billion was allocated to improve public transport system in the next 5 years. that include 42km lrt track from kota damansara to cheras, repairing and purchasing new commuter coach, and increase the number of public busses. but yg tak masuk akal nya, sume improvement tertumpu di kawasan bandar besar shj. ape cerite bas buruk di felda serting hilir, dan feri bocor di hulu simunjan, sarawak? kesian orang2 kampung…

2. for houses that uses electricity less than rm20 per month, no bill will be incurred. so let do not use light at night, and dont use fan at all. ya lah, kalo tak mesti lebih rm20 sebulan..

3. 3 cents tax increases for each cigarette. means 60 cents increase for each box of 20. i dont bother, i dont smoke haha

4. higher tax rebate up to rm400. those with rm35000 annual income or below, they will be benefited.

5. disabled/poor will get rm720 for welfare eligibility. and minimum rm720 pension for government retiree that served 25 years and above. my grandpa will have a lot after this, lets pow him

6. 110 primary, 181 secondary schools will be build. 13 existing polytechnics will be upgraded with rm150mil allocation.

7. incentive amounting rm5.6bil for agriculture based people.

8. tax exemptions for renewable energy and energy efficient item, including hybrid car. means after this you can get honda civic hybrid for rm100k (it was rm175k with tax)

9. rm220mil to build police headquarters, more than 25k new policemen will be recruited. hopefully the duit kopi issue can be reduced

there are a lot more, but it doesnt really concern us. there are a lot of response from state leaders, political people and ministers about the budget. some say agree, some say it was fulled with political strategy. as long as it benefits us all, then ok la…sile amek tahu pasal budget and cuurent issue in malaysia yer kawan-kawan sekelian

for full text, click disini


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