cameron; xde la sejuk sangat

mode: blushing

she always beg me to go to highlands. genting, cameron etc. and to surprised her, i purposely plan a trip on weekdays, when both us were free of class. intentionally, i am not choosing weekends because i know, cameron highland will be congested with tourist from all over malaysia, singapore and even from all over the globe. the narrow roads at cameron will be filled by snakes of cars and busses, and the price of foods, straberries, veggies, flowers, souvenirs will be doubled or trippled. so, if you want to have your own free time, easy, not crowded when going for holidays, do travel on weekdays.

moved from campus at 1030 (yes after om class), we stop at several places for fuel and food supply. then sharp at 1110, i start the clock at simpang pulai. pushing my blue pearl to nearly her limit, i take the curve of the wide and smooth road uphill to cameron. turn right, corner left, straight, corner left again. pheww puas gle men stereng. i managed to make it to kampung raja by 1155, and the i covered over 75 km in that range of time. remember, it was all the way climbing hills, and it was curve and corners through out the road. hehe.

first stop: tea at cameron valley. they serve tea in a small pot for two, with sugar and creamer. i am not a fan of tea, but this tea is definitely a portion of heaven on earth. the taste, undscribely fascinating.

second stop: the smoke house. a 70 years cottage, left by english man. it has thirteen room, and was fully booked untill 3 years from now. you cannot walk in f you are not patron, but we managed to redah masuk and kene sound, haha. also incredibly amazing, with its garden of heaven, and the interiors of european castle.

third stop: the strawberry moment dessert cafe at brincang. a cafe filled with beauty and sweet feelings. it only serves dessert and some straberries ice creams, cakes and salad. but the variety of strawberries meals, plus the superb deco of the cafe was WOW!!

the ice cream we ordered. quite mahal, but all worth it. sedap gilak!!

fourth: the cactus point. find thousands of species of cactus, and flowers. i just love it when being surrounded by field of flowers.

fifth stop: raja strawberry farm. we were unlucky because now is not the season we can self-pick strawberries. the auntie said, when it was raining season, they usually didnt open for public to self-pluck strawberries. straberries were not in the best shape when it is raining. so we ended up eating strawberry+honey+castor sugar+cream. another heaven on earth delicasy!!

sixth: the kea farm. it was already raining when we left raja’s farm. but we stopped at kea farm for some buah tangan. she bought roses, daisies, lilies ets. we also bought some veggies, dried fruits and others. it was raining, cant take pictures.

we actually stopped at few more places, but this post will be very long if i write about it. we pusing2 tanah rata, brincang, kuala terla, kampung raja and wish to stop at rose valley but rains stopped us. around 6, we headed down slowly on a slippery road because of the rain.


it was a total fun. hope we can make it again. she we smiling all the way down. cehs. suke la tue~ tapi, last time i went to cameron with my family (last year), it doesn’t rain, but it was very cold. cant walk outside without jacjet, sock and shoes, and gloves for my sister. breathing keluar asap. and this time, it was raining quite heavily, but we can wonder around with slippers. sejuk la gak, tapi still leh tahan.

cameron xde la sejuk sangat dah…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mNg on September 2, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    raja strawberry…tau2…yg jage tu india kn….suke g situ…aiskrim strawberi dier t’sgtlah sdp!!rindu cameron….hehe~


  2. Posted by nirzan on September 3, 2008 at 4:48 am

    yerr..raja farm tu sgt best. unfortunately takleh self-pick. huhu. kene pegi len kali ni


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