welcome to the house

this morning, dsai will step his foot in the house of parliament for the first time since nearly 10 years ago.

following the succes in the permatang pauh mp election. result?

Pilihanraya Kecil 26 Ogos 2008
Anwar 31,195 undi
Ariff Syah 15,524 undi
Hanafi 92 undi
majoriti undi 15,671
Peratus Keluar Mengundi 80.00 peratus

dsai majority is more than ariff’s polls

read here and here

dsai winning may change the malaysian politics script and storyline. lets just wait and see. there are pros and contras of everything, and may the best option victories.

bnyk lg nk ckp sbnrnye, tapi takut kene igak


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