mabuk always sempoi selalu; #mass gathering

second night, after the stupid-lousy jokes from nabil (konon nye raja lawak), i went out to ameeth again. this time, gathering with my older brother and sister in rcsu. as a must, we gather again this year. celebrating the graduates, and cherishing the super emas. and the traditions, org yang dh bergaji mesti open table haha. bak kata haidar “aku dh blanje mlm ni, rase dh lepas tanggungjawab!!”


please, hope we can be like this again, and again. just miss it!!

we had never bored with such meetings, eventhough same bunch of people turn up everytime. hopefully this familyhood doesn’t evaporate like other relationship i had previously. mabuk always sempoi selalu!!

list datang-aku-aime-emi-cham-otai-kak kema-kak etty-kak diba-abah-kachak-haidar-doi


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