the gnc gathering

first event of this year’s convofair, guns and chocolate gathering

official spot since last 4 years; restorant ameeth

time from 1230 till 330 am. fair and long enough.

me, maini, mede, nas, huda, kak yateh, kak nor, hanisah, mimi, mira maple, grender, cd, tomok, anep and his gf

deng. it was long since we all met last time. and it was occasionally to gather everyone who is left and meet at ameeth. as usual, we talk, laugh, share experiences, make jokes and bahan each other. i love that happy moment, and it remained as it was 4 years ago. sadly, only half of the 28 person in gnc turn up. ya lah, some of the already graduated last year, and some have thier own commitment.

not so many picture in hand, since my camera was kaput, grender’s camera doesn’t contain many. most of the picture was in kak yateh’s camera.


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