abang bujang vs jhok

two rivals of food stall.

two genres of food.

two styles of approach.

two teams, one guys-only, one guys-gurls.

but, one spirit, one memory, one friendship that’ll last forever.

i had dined at both, and it was a great pleasure to eat at some of my best friends stall, be their guest, and feel the warmth welcome. thanks you all pal. this maybe our last convofair we celebrated before being celebrating, and do cherish every single moment we you spent. well done both abang bujang and jhok for the hard work and efforts. i belived that it was all worth it.

the abang bujang…tapi please beringat. bukan semuanya bujang. kebanyakannya buaya..abeda la saham korang haha

the jhok-a-touille..aku pon x reti cmne nk pronouce haha…they’re the best team of young talented cook!!

good job guys abang bujang and jhok. sedap makanan2 itu..


One response to this post.

  1. jakek aja sebut

    jhok-a- TUI

    haha. xtaula btol x!


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