olympic oh olympic part II

when you have no heart to write technical, and formulas, you should blogging. duh. here i am..

michael phelps is no longer an athlete with low profile. he is being estimated to turn into billionaire in another 10 years (source american sports society). his achivement is not something we saw multipletimes in a decade, and the gold that he’ll bring back to america is not an easy reward that he got from his effort. phelps is only known after last athen’s olympic, but effort he took is far behind athens itself. his vistory came after years of courage, spirit and training that he had gone through. one say (i cannot remember who), an athlete compete in olympic sacrifice their age training and preparing for that few moment during the battle in olympic, thus lost is not an option, and victory is everything for them.

we should take this as an example, studying for years un university, spending tonnes of money, only for minutes of receiving a scroll from chancellor, and if we fail at the very last moment, it is a lost, and it is not an option we could dare have.


lee chong wei, our country’s hope (not only him actually, the rest of the contingent as well), was one of the hero that should be credited because of his acheivement to match till that far. i could remember him as long as i watch badminton match in tv. malaysian rulers (government i mean) promise one million ringgit for gold. personally, i do think that money could be the major boosting reason for malaysian athlete to get gold, but after looking deep into the eyes of the athlete, the spirit to bring malaysia’s name to the top is beyond that. i can see during the final game between lindan and chongwei, the pressure to bring malaysia’s first gold if way heavier than the regret not to get the RM1mil. but he can endure it, fight to the end, and lost in style (haha). no worry, that is the best we can push, and we already proud of that silver you brought back.


olympic will be over in few days. i keep on updating the news, but there is soo much names to be remembered. usain bolt (new 100m world record holder), tyson gay are some of the famous name. olympic is interesting and i will keep following it up (eventhough i cant write so much about it). hope to watch London olympic in 2012, when i am pursuing my degree there late 🙂 .


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