sodomy confession

thanks to buchari, and borr for the rides to kl this evening. we moved at 530 something, and arrived around 930 at my uncle’s house.

and there’s a shocking news we heard at the ulu bernam r&r (we stop to pray actly)…

saiful bukhari confess (or bersumpah) with alquran that he was sodomised by anwar. deng. honestly, we didn’t have any intention to stop at the r&r to hear that buletin utama prime story, but we were paused (just in time at 8) when we saw saiful’s confession on news.

abeda la anwar..

the confession was absolute, terang, and no hindrance in his words. he spelled out everything, to every details (segan gle nk tulih kat sini), and it was a tamparan hebat to anwar. i cannot accused who and whom, but that sumpah matters is not something that we can play with. he even bersumpah with his family’s name, and if he lied, his generation also will be laknat by Allah. subhanallah.

i stood, pandang bu, and we geleng2 kepala. and from that moment, every single person in malaysia i assume will talk about that. even when i was in the toilet, just after that, i heard someone in the oku’s gents talk loudly on phone “aku x percaya anwar buat mende tu, lantak la ape orang nak cakap”, clear and in high voice. amazed, and smile to myself, i left the person with his important toilet conversation to perform maghrib+isyak.

as usual, my topic of discussion with my uncle is politic. and his view about things were really open my eyes. sadly, i cannot write it here because my uncle’s story (he got a lot of friends of friends both in business and politics) is confidential and i better kept it to myself, for my own safety reason haha. but quoting two points from him…”knape anwar je kene tangkap, sedangkan mende tu suka sama suka”, and “knape rosmah and najib tak ambik tindakan to bersihkan nama derang (bawak kes ke mahkamah), when raja petra said that rosmah was there at the place where altantuya was exploded”.

too many questions unanswered, and the curiosity of people in malaysia will make the current ruling party fall anytime. justice is nowhere. corruption is everywhere. and truth is somewhere to be revealed.


p/s: maybe i will need to delete this post later, please read it carefully before my blog was suspended or being deleted. mode: risking myself to the gillotin.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lelaki kacak bawah bilik ko on August 16, 2008 at 6:15 am

    wow…something new! dude..balik ni kene pillow talk ngan one frame…im so fucking curious…want to know ur uncle story..u know where to find me aite?

    holla back~



  2. Posted by nirzan on August 17, 2008 at 12:56 am

    tu yg aku cuak tu nk menulis ni haha


  3. “kalau takut akan risiko,jgn bicara tentang politik”


    haha.tu la.the confession was so damn surprising.cant wait to hear response from anwar.kalo btol saiful kene liwat,knape die buat statement report from Pusrawi ckp die kene liwat tp Pusrawi deny bout the report?tp since die sumpah berani mati ni tatau la kn.


  4. aiya even saddam hussien swears 5 times a day in the biggest mosque in Iraq but it is well known that he murdered thousands of iraqis during his rule. so do you think that Najis can match Saddam Hussien in Swearing huh? no way man!! I would like to suggest that Saifool use his easy earned wealth given by UMNO to help the poor, maybe donate some money to the poor-what’s the point of showing of you have been sodomized? Earn the money from UMNO and contribute to the poor better!!!


  5. Posted by nirzan on August 18, 2008 at 2:39 am

    i talk as a neutral observer, and put in my thoughts about this issue. but sometimes, certain party is way more convincing, and their provocation done by the opponent seems to be very narrated, and cm sangat direka-dibuat-buat cerita itu. btw, in the world today, swearing and confession is nothing more than a mumbling of words that can be manipulated to twist story or drag people’s mind towards believing their stories, instead of becoming a method to prove incconcentivities.


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