saya anak tiri

wednesday noon, 3 pm , d1

bak kate boroi-hebat-berfootball, kami dipinggirkan universiti sendiri. i was doomed, dumped and thrown out to the litter. huh, actually i attended the career talk (special for non-petronas) that evening, with some hopes and glittering eyes. but it doesnt went well as i wish. the first thing abg idham (utp counsellor) said, “i have a lot of working opportunities, companies are dying to get utp student, but, they want non-bounded student”

tahniah apam!!!<– i heard this from the back benchers behind me as soon as mr idham finished his sentence. whatthefiesh!! gile encouraging korang semua.

the truth is, industry people is craving and dying to employ utp graduates for their company, but all of them were refusing petronas scholars, which means i (petronas debtor) have very little chance to work in the company out of petronas.

does it mean, i am obligated to work with petronas, and cannot choose my own favourite and path?

yes, it does work like that. and poor me (all my friends who is scholars too), we didn’t aware of the contract that we signed 5 years ago. come to worse, petronas doesn’t guarantee that they will employ us, plus the contract close all chances that we may get from any company. kami tersepit, aduyai~

option? terminate the contract!!

to terminate is simple, but to be indebt for RM120000 is a hella-loo-yah. bayangkan, let say (i said this to my jambu mawi) me and mawi (mara sponsored) work with shell later on. we got same salary, same benefit, but i will have RM120k as a hutang yang x nampak pon hasilnya, walhal dalam masa yang sama, mawi boleh berhutang RM120k juga, tapi dia dapat satu apartment mewah di sekitar bangi.

anda rase, dunia ni adil x?

im doomed. rase sangat malas nk wat apa-apa since petang itu. buat beriya-iya pon, hasil nya sama saja.progress report perlu dihantar esok, tapi haram x buat lagi. bermulut manis lagi la aku petang esok dengan dr rashid, supervisor ku sorang itu. lebih baik bermain bola bersama rakan fyp yang asik aku marah, lelaki bogel menghisap dadah, gaban @ gangbang, dan tuan punya PAW!!!


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  1. Posted by luncai on August 15, 2008 at 7:25 am

    quotes aku tp xde recitation..demmit..hahahah
    quotes abd idham satu agi…
    “To PETRONAS scholars, get the hell out of my face”…
    nk nyesal pon xgne…
    one of my MARA scholars told me…
    hidup dorg dari 390/month….
    now 5++/month…
    no contract with MARA in fact..
    then, companies are dying to hire them..
    half of their feet already be in the company…
    how luck there are…

    p/s: MARA scholars, banje² ar kami…ayam golek convo bes per..


  2. Posted by lelaki kacak bawah bilik ko on August 15, 2008 at 10:45 am

    ok what…u learn the hardest way….

    lessons for today:”get a lawyer before signing any contract”

    tak mampu?:”sila ke pejabat MARA.entiti yang suka menolong orang MELAYU sahaja”


  3. Posted by nirzan on August 16, 2008 at 1:55 am

    sympathy, to me myself, and all of my friend who is bounded
    but maybe there’s a hikmah behind everything
    and lets hope for the best duh


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