olympic oh olympic

i know that i always obsessed with sports, or to be specific games like olympic, asia games etc. and this year’s olympic is my current interest, since last few months, way before it torch was lighted up on the day of 080808.

ok lets talk busines. for the next few days, i’ll be posting a lot about the games, and just bare with me occay haha!!

The general concensus appears to be that it was a truely spectacular opening ceremony (the best ever opwning ceremony i ever watch in my life. deng~). Beijing 2008 was stunning, superb, marvelous event ever happen in this world. duh, i just dont know how to describe it, and i am craving to have the opening video and once i get it last 2 days, i am watching it repeatedly. below are some facts about the opening (credits to some blogger i don’t know who).

10 – The sea of printing blocks – representing the creation of printing in China – that moved in smooth waves as if computerised, but in fact powered by hundreds of men. A particularly nice touch at the end of the sequence when the men burst out and waved to the elated crowds.

China's Human Print Press - People Power

9 – The moment when a group representing China’s different ethnic minorities entered the stadium with the national flag. Or to be more accurate, the moment that they handed over the flag to PLA soldiers – there has to be a metaphore in that!?

8 – The perfect execution of the mass drumming and recital of Confucius’s words. The synchronicity was astounding; if this is anything to go by expect China to take a clean sweep on synchronised swimming golds.

Symetry and Harmony - Olympic Drummers Recite Confucius

Symetry and Harmony – Olympic Drummers Recite Confucius

7 – When, during the procession of athletes, the camera panned to three top tennis players and summarised perfectly their contrasting personalities. Rafael Nada, looking sweaty and pumped; Roger Feder, immaculate; and Andy Murray, scruffy.

6 – Firewords with smiling faces. The country that invented fireworks combines it’s pyrotechnic heritage with the modern popularity of cute emoticons. (Apologies, can’t find a photo of this.)

5 – Team Japan waving both Japanese and Chinese flags. A small act but a big statement. This could potentially have been unpopular back home, but is a bold step in international relations. Who says the Olympics aren’t about politics!?

4 – Early on in the ceremony the Olympic rings appeared to be projected onto the stadium floor by spot lights. It was breath-taking then when the five rings rose up from the ground to hover vertically in midair. Goose-pimples!

Olympic Rings - The Light Appeared to Peal From the Floor

Olympic Rings – The Light Appeared to Peal From the Floor

3 – The moment when Team China entered the stadium and the cowboy boot-wearing cheerleaders stepped up the tempo again, after having been dancing and cheering for over two hours by this stage. Olympic stamina!

2 – Li Ning executes the trademark Zhang Yimou slow-running-in-the-sky torch lighting. The image was straight out of films like Hero and Li Ning executed it perfectly.

1 – The electronic drum countdown. The coordination of the drummers was spectacular enough, and then they took it to another level with the countdown of scrolling numbers from 10 to 0 in both numerical and chinese .

Beijing Olympic Drummers Count Down Perfectly

Beijing Olympic Drummers Count Down Perfectly

there are more than 20000 people involve in the performance at the opening, and for the fireworks itself, the used 600 special staff to make the biggest firework show in the world. if i had the opportunities to be there!!


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