#koreajapan second gath

we managed to conduct another gathering this semester, after the first one last semester. in a very short plan, and simple arrangement, 18 people turn out to the meeting (yea we always meet virtually in mirc, but this time in person).

venue: marina pulau pangkor jetty, lumut.

activity: as usual, kenalkan diri masing-masing, eventhough da knal, but we have 3 new members. then playing teka-teka yang sgt senang, since everyone was master of the master about everything in koreajapan entertainment industry. thanks to gackt yg bersusah-payah mencipta soalan (sgt senang dan kacang sbnrnye haha). then we play asarabiya, and that was fun, but it was better in hangu instead of malay language.

food: plenty of food for rm 5 that we pay, and it worth every penny. sempat ke mcD manjung otw home for some ice cream and desert, while watching the opening of olympic beijing.

kami bersuka hati bergelak ketawa tanpa menghiraukan pengunjung lain di atas marina. luckily no public authority come and seize us out haha. and the gathering ended memorably to everyone presence. the asarabiya, that was hillarious

the fanaticss..duh~

for the first gath, do click here


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