memory lane; antik-unik-klasik

memory lane, or what ipohian called it ‘pasar lokin’

as early as half past seven, me and maryam were already on our wheels to ipoh. it has been years since i last visit this unique and special open market. memory lane is a stretch full of old and antique and second hand stuff seller, or in the west they called it car boot sale. you can find almost everything here, used and second hand item. there are some new item being sold, but it does not dominates the market, and the area for the new item is located outside the stretch.

it held only on sunday, from 8 till 11++ in the morning. nobody really knows how and when it started, but my dad said the pasar lokin was there since he can remember. ipoh was a place flooded with scrap collectors or we called it ‘keling botol’ (no offence), and they were belived to initiate the market.

there are some stall selling this batu cincin, from as small as a green bean, to as large as toe nails. you can even make your own ring if you wish to at a very cheap price. so for the traditional malay ring lovers, this is the place to be visited to.

my mother always love lokin. she is a classic item collectors cum antiques freak. this lines of 50-or-more years old ceramic dishes collection was sold here. the price? range from RM 2 to RM 300 per piece, depends on the rareity and the age of the items. bare in mind that antiques item becoming more valuables days after days, and it is a good investment for those who is wishing to make easy money. just keep it for 10 years,a nd the price will triple by then.

for old money collectors, there are a lot of old money you can see here. some of the money collectors sold their collection here, and some even barter with other collectors for the piece they didn’t have.

this is one of the stall that rules the street, the second hand shop. the can sell almost everything if it is possible to be carried into the market. i found this old-baling-anjing mati phone, and it was not functioning at all. i ask the seller, what is this for, since it cant be used anymore? he said, that is the point of putting it there, even you was attracted to. haha what a funny answer, but that’s the uniqueness of memory lane and it’s people.

guess what is this? this is my tok’s tongkat, the ultimate-men-extra-power traditional herbs, the tongkat ali. i had never found one this big, and if you want to get a finger size roots of this herb, you need to find one that is 15 years old or above. wondering how old is this root? definitely, it can beat viagra easily =)

i just love to hear traditional medicine seller with their public speaking which can attract crowds around them, with their jokes and charms. this uncle was very funny, and i stood there for few minutes, not to buy the medicament, but to hear his bluff and jokes haha.

it was a very nice experience to spend the whole sunday morning in memory lane. there are a lot of people from malay to indian to chineese, from young to old flooded the street. the sellers were from all background, from all races, and they are very friendly towards anyone. if you wish to find a 25-years-old-national hair dryer, or a dumex milk bottle, or a used car suspension, or even a pentium 1 motherboard (which is totally can’t be used), please come to memory lane ipoh!!!

p/s: to utpians, this is a checklist of place you must go before you graduates haha


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  1. pagi ahad mmg tak miss pegi..

    layanz..coz dpt cri vinyl, kaset or something2 yg rare untuk dbeli..


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