a thought on the first class

july 21, tronoh – the utp student had began their new semester today. it was a bright morning for everyone to rush to the class, find their lecturer and tutors, and registering for the lab and tutorial session. one of the student, mohd nazrin, a final semester mechanical engineering student said, he was very eager and energetic to go to the first class, since this was the last semester for him as a student.

arghh, enough with the crap news-format writings haha. anyway, the last semester had just arrived. i took 4 subject this semester, plus another final year project. total credits? 15, but very few classes. that was the nature of final semester student, where the class timetable was designed for them to enjoy and cherish the last time in school.

first day was the introduction to the the EIS and OM subject. this subject is specially meant for future working life as an engineer in nature, and it is simply related to the experienceof the lecturers and people in industry. the lecturers was also very good and fun to be in their class. i had no expectation for the subject, but i do hope i can carry them well.

second day, tuesday. our first class with two new lecturer from bandung and thailand. for vehicle chassis, dr setyamartana parman was incharge of us. he is lovely, but he spokes very slow as he is puzzling his words to make us understand what he is saying. not so much input that we got from him yesterday, since the formal class will just begin next week. second hour, class of advance vehicle dynamics with dr vu tienh, a lecturer that i think i like him from the frst impression and an hour spending with him in the class.

dr vu (or dr fu ads he pronouced it) is a germany graduates in phd 10 years ago. from the way he gives lecture, and the facts he throws, i know that he is very knowledgable and full of experience. he had gave us a new perspective of seeing the automotive industry in the world, and not just focussing on the asian part of the industry. he repeatedly downturn japaneese, and compare them to germany. he spokes about most of the facts that we already know, but we didn’t realize the real things behind it. his presence had revealed and untied the knots of scrolls, which we just saw it from outside, but not really knows what was written inside. there are a lot of things that he gave his oppinions about, and i will discuss it later as we go along this semester. i would like to quote his idea and thoughts, and publish it here so that we can share. one thing, his slang is a bit difficult to be understood (he cant pronouce “s”) and maybe we will need some time to be fammiliar to his way of speaking.

erm, i am wishing for the best this semester (again!!) and i hope everyone does it to. till later~~!~!~~!!


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  1. slmat belajar kembali~


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